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About Magnetics

What is Magnetic Therapy

Scientist and research report, daily exposure to manmade

electromagnetic fields, also known as electromagnetic pollution or smog,

is cumulative, and contributes to general malaise, stiffness of the neck,

chest pain, memory loss, headaches, changes in the heart rate and blood

chemistry, digestive and circulatory problems...Electromagnetic smog is

also said to block the brains electromagnetic signals to cells, therapy

undermining the body's auto-immune system.

Our bodies are essentially electromagnetic machines with every cell

having its own electrical circuit. In good health, these cells are tuned into

the Earth's natural field. manmade electromagnetic fields, created by

electrical appliances, radars, x-ray lines, etc., closely resemble our body's

 own magnetic emanations. These unnatural manmade fields have

disoriented our bodies' receiver sensor to the extent that our blood cells

are deceived into absorbing these incompatible fields, thus depriving our

bodies of the Earth's natural magnetism.

Magnets (which work via iron content of the blood) emit a constant

electromagnetic force, which is compatible with our body's magnetic

field. The supply is this compatible field over-rides the effect of

excessive radiation and causes our blood cells to become orderly and re-

oriented with the Earth's magnetic field. It should be made clear magnets

themselves do not heal anything; it is the supply of a compatible

magnetic energy which stimulates the body to heal itself and enable the

cells to exist at their optimum level.

Magnet therapy is helping a vast number of people where traditional

medicine has failed. Research shows 7 out of 10 people will be helped by

 magnets - the same ratio as for prescription drugs, without any side

effects whatsoever. In man's long search for a universal cure-all none fits

 the description as the Medical Magnets; dispelling any theory that

magnetic energy has a placebo effect only.

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